LG TV Repair Tampa Bay

LG TV Repair Tampa Bay

LG is an expert at consumer electronics. Their products consistently rate highly among users not only for the quality but also for longevity. They have some of the best televisions and are trendsetters for ultrathin TVs. Despite these commendable efforts, their sets, like all others, sometimes fail. From power surges to neglect and element damage, there are many reasons why your LG TV might need repair.

We are a television repair service in Tampa Bay specializing in LG TVs. We have built a credible relationship with the manufacturer, and we have an intimate understanding of all their TVs and how they work. This strong relationship also means we only get and use original manufacturer parts. We have an expert team of repair technicians familiar with all flat-screen models from LG.

What Parts Do We Repair?

Television is not a very complex device despite the complexity of individual components. It means we can isolate and diagnose problems quickly and offer affordable solutions. Some of the parts we repair include:

HDMI Ports- The ports may dislodge during transit or when the TV's usual position gets vibrations. The remedy is a simple repositioning job. If the ports are not responsive to input devices, we undertake more technical repair work.

Speakers- Faulty speakers may need rewiring or other minor adjustments. They might also require cleaning if they have accumulated dust. If they fail to work after all interventions, we replace them.

Backlight- The backlight provides illumination for the display. It is responsible for the brightness and the color. The backlight source depends on the type of TV, but LED is the most common. If the lights are faulty, they need a technician to open up the set and find the source of the problem.

Inverter- The inverter is what powers the backlighting. If the capacitors break down, the inverter fails. Repairs involve installing new capacitors.

Water Damage- When there is flooding or leakage in the house, and the water gets to your TV, it might fail to work. TVs are not resistant to water, so component failure is unsurprising. We will disassemble the TV, dry it out, and reassemble, replacing any damaged parts. If the damage is severe, we recommend buying a new set.

Screen Damage – The screen is the most expensive component, and we do not recommend repair for impact damage. It makes more sense to replace the set. If the problem is a few dead pixels or inaccurate colors, we can diagnose and repair that.

Panel- We do not typically offer panel repair because replacement is more reasonable. Cracked panels are irreparable. We might correct other problems with the panel, but the cost is likely high.

Why Choose Us?

Our repair services in Tampa Bay are available 365 days a year.

We have professional certifications and offer mobile services.

We offer quick repair services to ensure your unit is back to proper function.

We only use original manufacturer parts. We will source parts for you if your TV is older or exceptionally expensive and rare.

Please call Doctronics TV Repair for a free estimate.

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LG TV Repair Tampa Bay
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LG TV Repair Tampa Bay LG TV Repair Tampa Bay